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Substation Monitoring

Affordable visibility for your unmonitored substations

With new transformer overload, phase imbalance and peak load reports, Tollgrade provides an affordable way for utilities to have real-time monitoring that is deployable in minutes, not days 

An Affordable, Easy Way to Monitor Substations

Typical substation monitoring solutions are expensive and time consuming. They require the installation of field equipment, substation feeders must be de-energized and new conduits and wiring are required to facilitate installation. Tollgrade offers a new way – install LightHouse Sensors at your unmonitored substations. Our sensors are hot stick deployable taking only a few minutes to install. No need to roll fiber, de-energize substations or re-wire. They are battery-free (inductively powered), require no calibration and have been tested to last for 20 years. Our sensors are software-defined so you can remotely manage them and they are over-the-air firmware upgradable.

Dashboard Reporting, Configurable Alarms and Actionable Intelligence

Configurable reports and alarms can be customized to you transformer manufacturer’s nameplate rating. Real-time overload and peak load reporting can tell you can tell you when transformers are being stressed beyond capacity. Real-time phase imbalance monitoring can tell you when phases are out of balance, accelerating the aging process. Alarms can be prioritized by severity and events are captured in our LightHouse SMS dashboard for future analysis.

Industry-Leading Fault Detection Analytics

When you deploy LightHouse sensors at your unmonitored substations, you can also take advantage of our industry-leading fault detection capabilities to know when outages are happening in real-time and where to send crews. This combined benefit of affordable substation monitoring and fault detection is especially valuable in rural environments where crews have long drive times. By eliminating truck rolls and crew time spent in the field, LightHouse can make a huge financial impact by removing operational costs and allowing utilities to deliver safe, affordable and reliable energy.

Seamlessly Integrated into Your Data Center or Flexible Hosting Options

Integration and deployment is seamless and build to your preference. If you already have monitored substations and want centralized reporting into your back office systems, LightHouse makes integration through DNP3 is a painless process. Once sensors are deployed, information can flow directly and transparently into your existing SCADA, Historian or DMS systems. For utilities that do not have these systems, LightHouse can be installed as a turn-key hosted service. Our services team is also available to assist during your deployment so you can incorporate LightHouse data to your exact requirements. 

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