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Gaining Visibility to Improve Reliability

Do you have the visibility you need to deliver electricity safely, reliably and affordability?

The distribution network is the backbone of electricity delivery. In the U.S., distribution spans over 6.6  million miles and is eight times as large as the transmission network. Chances are your distribution grid is older, more complex and many times larger than your transmission network, yet far less monitored. With aging assets causing equipment failures and disturbances from power quality and outages costing business and consumers as much as $200 billion annually; would you like to have more visibility into your distribution grid?

Our Tollgrade LightHouse® platform provides immediate visibility by monitoring the health for your distribution grid to provide the granular interval data you need to:

  • Reduce customer and system outage minutes
  • Detect overload on substation transformers
  • Find imbalance on circuits
  • Reduce technical loss
  • Monitor high-value assets
  • Tell if your circuits are operating normally or improperly
  • Get visibility into your worst performing circuits
  • Find and resolve chronic power quality issues

Our LightHouse distribution monitoring platform consists of inductively powered Medium Voltage (MV) sensors and predictive analytics software that provides real-time visibility into feeders and laterals down to 3 amps to detect faults, monitor power quality and detect load imbalance across all three phases of your distribution network. With this turn-key solution, you’ll gain immediate visibility and better situational awareness into the operational status of your distribution grid to make the critical planning decisions that will significantly improve reliability.

Deployed at the World’s Leading Utilities

LightHouse has been proven at some of the world’s largest utilities. In North America, one industry leader has seen a 2.6% improvement in their American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score since deployment. In Canada, Toronto Hydro reported to the Ontario Energy Board they had the potential to save 550,000 customer outage minutes by monitoring just two feeders alone. In the UK, Western Power Distribution selected Tollgrade’s LightHouse platform because it provided them with better information for network planning so they could improve grid reliability while painlessly responding to the new demands brought by meeting a low-carbon future.

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