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Monitor Circuit Load with Tollgrade LightHouse®

One of the most cost-effective ways to monitor loads

Continuous remote monitoring of circuits can help:

  • Planners have real-time accurate data about the real load on your circuits
  • Operations can know if it’s safe to make a switching event during power or storm restoration
  • Your utility can have visibility as more sources of distributed generation, microgrids and renewables come online and impact load. 

LightHouse is a cost-effective way to monitor circuits so you will know when circuits are about to be overloaded, phases are imbalanced or your grid is not operating inefficiently.

Cost-Effectively Monitor Load  in Real-Time

The Tollgrade LightHouse distribution monitoring platform is one of the most cost-effective ways you can monitor substations. Our inductively powered sensors over a unique advantage because they are maintenance and worry-free:

  • No batteries (inductively powered)
  • No solar panels
  • No calibration
  • Seamless integration to SCADA, EMS, DMS or Historians through DNP3
  • No need to build your own sensor analytics software

Our LightHouse sensors were designed as an accurate, turnkey solution that is hot-stick deployable in minutes. They are inductively powered to eliminate the costs of battery replacements and require no calibration. They are software-defined and over-the-air upgradeable to eliminate maintenance costs. When compared to alternatives, Tollgrade overs the most functionality at lowest total cost of ownership.

SMS with Predictive Grid Analytics: The Intelligence Behind the Sensor

LightHouse is the only solution with SMS – a configurable Sensor Management System with Predictive Grid® Analytics that takes sensor data through four layers of analysis to improve accuracy and effectiveness. SMS also provides a method for the utility to aggregate the data from thousands of sensors and provide a single connection to the DMS or Historian rather than putting that burden on other systems the utility would need to design.

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