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Improving Grid Reliability with Tollgrade LightHouse®

Tollgrade LightHouse helps you keep the lights on

One of the greatest long term indicators of a country’s potential economic growth is the safe delivery of affordable and reliable electricity.  But with aging infrastructure and devastating weather events, the job of keeping the lights on gets tougher every day. Consider this:

  • Outages cost the U.S. over $188B and Europe €150B Euros annually
  • Power quality issues have been reported to cost the U.S. $24B and Europe €10B Euros annually
  • Experts believe that every dollar spent on the smart grid will produce $4-5 in savingsin the U.S. and €52B Euros in Europe

And it’s not just catastrophic weather that is to blame for outages. Even before Superstorm Sandy, electric disturbances in the U.S. were seeing a 265% increase in raw number of outages since 1984.  With an alarming number of grid assets approaching their end-of-life, large outages are beginning to become the norm and not the exception.

Get Tough on Outages with LightHouse

Reliability starts with better visibility provided by distribution monitoring solutions that seamlessly integrate with your current network. The Tollgrade LightHouse distribution monitoring platform delivers this seamless visibility with our Medium Voltage (MV) sensors and predictive analytics software providing the real-time grid intelligence you need to:

  • Reduce customer outage minutes and outage duration
  • Positively impact your SAIDI, SAIFI and CAIDI metrics
  • Reduce and avoid O&M costs
  • Reduce the financial loss associated with outages
  • Get visibility into your worst performing circuits
  • Find and resolve chronic power quality issues

LightHouse Supports Your FDIR and FLISR Programs

LightHouse can support your outage management and Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration programs by providing:

  • Accurate fault alarms, GPS location, phase ID and fault current information
  • Real-time load information per feeder segment necessary for reliable contingency analysis and restoration plans
  • Real-time verification of conditions after network reconfiguration

Improving Reliability at the World’s Leading Utilities

LightHouse has been proven at some of the world’s largest utilities. In North America, one industry leader has seen a 2.6% improvement in their American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) score since deployment. In Canada, Toronto Hydro reported to the Ontario Energy Board they had the potential to save 550,000 customer outage minutes by monitoring just two feeders alone. In the UK, Western Power Distribution selected Tollgrade’s LightHouse platform because it provided them with better information for network planning so they could improve grid reliability while painlessly responding to the new demands brought on in meeting a low-carbon future.

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