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Tollgrade LightHouse® Medium Voltage (MV) Sensors

North America’s #1 Smart Grid Sensor.

Tollgrade leads the industry in providing MV Sensors with visibility into the distribution grid down to 3 amps and are inductively powered (maintenance-free) to last up to five times longer than battery powered alternatives.  LightHouse MV Sensors provide real-time data and alarms about grid conditions using outage and fault detection, configurable threshold alarming, real-time load and power quality monitoring that can be used for a wide variety of distribution grid applications.

Flexible Communications

To eliminate the costs and aggravations stemming from the communication backhaul challenges utilities face when modernizing their distribution grid, our MV Sensors include integrated wireless communications over Wi-Fi or cellular (includes a pre-bundled data plan) so they can be installed quickly, safely and easily. Tollgrade LightHouse MV Sensor options include:

  • MV Cellular Sensors: include integrated 3G cellular interfaces with multi-year bundled private cellular data service. No separate carrier contracts are required.
  • MV Wi-Fi Sensors:  provide standards-based Wi-Fi communications to Tollgrade or 3rd party nodes.  Tollgrade’s Aggregator devices provide integrated cellular interfaces or TCP/IP Ethernet interfaces to integrate with a broad range of wide area networks – WiMax, wireless mesh, fiber, DSL.

Inductively Powered, Visibility Down to 3 Amps

LightHouse MV Sensors are easy to install and quickly clamp directly onto overhead conductors. MV Sensors are inductively powered and can store energy without a battery for maintenance free operation. Leading the industry in inductively powered MV Sensors with operations down to 3 amps, LightHouse gives utilities real-time visibility into even the worst performing feeders and laterals.


  • Low current operations to 3 amps
  • Inductively powered, energy storage without battery
  • 4KV to 46KV
  • Clamps directly to conductor (#6 AWG to 795 MCM)
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to +185°F)
  • GPS: location, timestamp, phase ID


Key measurements include:  load current, fault current, electric field strength, power factor, phase angle, sags, surges, wire temperature and harmonics.

  • Current (0-17,000 RMS amperes)
  • Voltage measurements
  • Conductor temperature
  • Nominal RMS current
  • Fault and Surge current
  • Power quality (sags, swells, harmonics)
  • Phase angle power factor
  • Waveform capture

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