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Tollgrade LightHouse® Sensor Management System (SMS) with Predictive Analytics

Predictive grid® analytics start with Tollgrade

LightHouse Sensor Management System (SMS) software classifies power disturbance events and provides the visualization and situational awareness needed to quickly respond to load planning, outages, and faults. An easy-to-use software management tool, SMS is designed to simplify remote management and configuration of sensors. In addition, it combines predictive analytics features including fault event classification, load logging, reporting and graphing of data, alarms, and waveforms capture for analysis.

Why LightHouse SMS?

Unlike Fault Circuit Indicators (FCIs) that lack software-driven analytics capabilities, LightHouse combines our industry leading sensor technology with cutting-edge predictive analytics software to help you learn more about the health of your grid and manage big data the right way.

Key Features

LightHouse SMS includes the following key features:

  • Management and configuration of MV sensors
  • Remote firmware upgrades
  • Google Maps view of sensor status and alarms
  • Event logging and reporting
  • Graphing of load and power quality data
  • Waveform display


With LightHouse SMS, you are always just a few clicks way from understanding what is happening on your distribution grid. Key features include:

  • Substation, circuit, sensor views on map
  • Event summaries
  • Load logging graphs
  • Waveform displays

 Predictive Analytics & Analysis

LightHouse SMS provides sophisticated analysis of disturbances and grid events to provide analytics around faults, load and waveform analysis. Key features include:

  • Fault analytics: fault detection, correlation and location
  • Event analytics: peak current, inrush
  • Detection of imbalances and operational inefficiencies
  • Operations analytics: circuits performing, detection of events like blown fuses
  • Asset management analytics:  recloser counting, overload on substation transformers
  • COMTRADE or .csv waveform export
  • Waveform analysis

Sensor Management

LightHouse SMS was designed to scale to any size sensor deployment. Key features include:

  • Configuration templates / auto configuration
  • User defined thresholds / parameters
  • Diagnostics
  • Remote upgradeable firmware
  • DNP-3

Deployment Configurations

SMS may be deployed and used in a variety of configurations and change to according to your evolving needs:

  • Hosted by Tollgrade
  • Licensed for installation on Linux servers within the utility data center
  • As an embedded Linux appliance device installed in the utility data center, substations, or regional offices

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