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The Tollgrade LightHouse® – A Next-Generation Distribution Monitoring Platform

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Reliability starts with better visibility into the backbone of your grid – the distribution network. With the LightHouse distribution monitoring platform, you are better able to detect faults with real-time information (e.g. type of fault, cause and location); classify different types of line disturbances; and continuously monitor load and power quality across all three phases of your medium voltage distribution network.  The solution easily integrates with Data Historians, SCADA, OMS or DMS system and compliments them by providing the much needed, granular data on load, outages and faults to better understand the operation of your circuits.

The Tollgrade LightHouse next-generation distribution monitoring platform consists of:

  • Medium Voltage (MV) Sensors: inductively powered with flexible communications offered through cellular or Wi-Fi with operations down to 3 amps. Key sensor measurements include:  load current, fault current, electric field strength, power factor, phase angle, sags, surges, wire temperature and harmonics.
  • Sensor Management System (SMS) Software: predictive grid® analytics start with SMS which classifies power disturbance events and provides the visualization and situational awareness needed to quickly respond to load planning, outages, and power quality challenges.

Why LightHouse?

Tollgrade leads the industry in providing sensors with predictive grid analytics.  MV sensors allow you to gain visibility into the distribution grid down to 3 amps and are inductively powered (maintenance-free) to last up to five times longer than battery powered alternatives. Cutting-edge predictive grid analytics software allows you to learn more about the health of your grid and manage big data the right way.  With flexible communications options (e.g. Wi-Fi and cellular) and a pre-bundled data plan for cellular, they can be easily installed and provide immediate real-time grid intelligence into your Data Historian, SCADA, OMS or DMS system.

How Does LightHouse Work?

LightHouse MV Sensors quickly clamp directly onto overhead conductors, are inductively powered, store energy without the use of a maintenance prone battery. They provide real-time data and alarms about grid conditions back to the LightHouse SMS software that classifies events and monitors loads.  Visualization tools like Google Maps delivers the situational awareness you need to respond to issues and changes on your grid.  Thanks to its flexible architecture you can integrate LightHouse over cellular, or utilize a wide area network (e.g. Wi-Fi, WiMAX, wireless mesh, DSL or fiber).

With the real-time data from LightHouse you can:

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