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Predictive Grid Analytics Whitepaper - Tollgrade

Predictive Grid® Analytics: Bringing our electric grid into the 21st century

Without real-time intelligence and monitoring, it becomes nearly impossible to bring the electric grid into the 21st century.

In this whitepaper, our will learn how with LightHouse Smart Grid Sensors grid operators are now able to

  • Bring renewables onto the grid
  • Proactively detect and prevent outages
  • Troubleshoot asset health and improve reliability

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Architecture Best Practices: Scaling your SCADA Architecture for Distribution Automation

For many utilities, trying to improve situational awareness out into the distribution network means deploying a mix of communicating smart grid sensors, reclosers, and capacitor controllers that could quickly scale into thousands of new end points over the next few years.

How will you be able to deploy, scale, manage and secure all of these endpoints as you start to expand visibility?


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2013 North American Power Quality Analytics Software Company of the Year Award

In this report, you will learn why LightHouse® is the only solution to take Smart Grid Sensor data through four layers of analysis to improve accuracy and effectiveness and why it is #1 Smart Grid Sensor




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