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DTE Energy Smart Grid Sensors Network Integration

DTE works proactively to modernize its power grid, continually improving systems and process to provide more reliable service to its customers.

Learn how, affordably and effectively, DTE Energy was able to modernize and monitor its distribution network by integrating LightHouse Smart Grid Sensors data with its wireless network architecture across the entire system.>> Download Now in English



Western Power Distribution
Distributed Generation

With the increase in generation technology onto the network, Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) are met with great challenges to facilitate a future low carbon network.

Learn how LightHouse Smart Grid Sensors are helping WPD their distributed generation (DG) challenges.


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DTE Energy
Predictive Grid® Analytics

DTE Energy wanted to take proactive measures to prevent outages before they occur. They needed a lower cost solution to get more real-time reliability data out of their distribution grid while moving away from traditional fault current indicators (FCIs).

Learn how DTE Energy was able to “Build a Predictive Grid for the Motor City”.

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Veridian Connections
Fault Detection

Growing frustrated from using traditional, time-consuming, expensive and often unsafe fault detection methods, Veridian turned to Tollgrade LightHouse platform with its Smart Grid Sensors and Predictive Grid Analytics solution to identify faults quickly, reduce outage times and more.

Learn how Veridian was able to leverage the LightHouse platform capabilities beyond fault detection.

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Manitoba Hydro
Substation Monitoring

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation and the province’s energy utility, serving 548,750 electric customers throughout Manitoba.

Learn how Manitoba Hydro used the LightHouse sensors to monitor the load at critical substations.

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Toronto Hydro
A New Lifeline in Electrical Equipment

“The analytics software has become so sophisticated it can detect the signatures of different events, such as an overgrown tree rubbing up against a line or a jumping squirrel. We keep looking for more signatures of more events, says Ford. ‘We want to identify potential faults before they turn into real faults.’” (see: The Star_The smarter the grid the less you notice it)

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