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July 21, 2016
Electric utilities break a sweat over summer - Energy Central


June 15, 2016

DTE Energy  taps Tollgrade for deeper monitoring of distribution network - Smart Grid News

DTE Energy  expands rollout of smart grid sensors - Metering and Smart Energy International

DTE Energy to expand Tollgrade gear to entire grid - Smart Grid Today

June 14, 2016
The Smart Grid is Set to Get a Lot Smarter, Raconteur – UK Times
See page 06

June 07, 2016
Sensors Can be Seers, but Context is Still King in Utility Future, ELP


February 19, 2016
Bringing Predictive Analysis to the Power Distribution Grid, Modern Power Systems


January 25, 2016
Tollgrade Finds Accurate Voltage Helps Sell  DASmart Grid Today


December 16, 2015
The Slap: How the Motor City Prevented a Major Outage, Smart Grid News

December 15, 2015
Scottish Power Deploys Smart  Grid Sensors, T&D World

December 07, 2015
Smart Sensing, Future Power Technology


November 11, 2015
Smart Sensor Solution, International Power Engineer


October, 2015
Transitioning From a Reactive to a Predictive Grid, Engerati


September  15, 2015
Smart Grid Line Sensors Help DTE Restore Power, T&D World 

Detroit grid modernisation project releases Q3 findingsMetering and Smart Energy

Energy Management: Smart grid line sensors restore power, Utility Products


July 30, 2015
DNOs Flush Out Key Barriers, courtesy Energy Now

July 7, 2015
An Innovative Energy ApproachEuroasia Industry


June 02, 2015
Tollgrade, Smarter Grid Solutions Using Data to Open UK Grid to PV and Wind, GreenTech media


May 27. 2015
Western Power Uses Tollgrade Solution for Smart Grid Monitoring, Smart Energy Universe

May 26, 2015
The real benefits of real sensor data, Power Engineering International

May 14, 2015
Tollgrade Smart Grid Sensors help avert explosion, SmartGrid Today

May 7, 2015
Tollgrade named 2015 “Best smart Grid Innovation” at UK Energy innovation awards ceremony , EuroAsia Industry


April 22, 2015
Power line sensor monitors electricity flow and warns of outages, Efficient Energy

April 7, 2015
IHS ranks Tollgrade as Smart Grid Sensor market share leader, Smart Grid Technology Review


February 25, 2015
The Answer for a Smarter Power Grid – Tollgrade Smart Grid Sensors, The Weather Channel

February 3, 2015
Smart Sensors for the Grid Could Ease Disruption, New York Times

Line Disturbances is big cause of grid instability, finds Tollgrade,

Report shows power outages can be prevented, Fierce Energy


January 2014
DTE – Sensors for a Predictive Grid in the Motor CityIEI_InnovationsGrid_vol II


December 23, 2014
In Nasty Weather, High-Tech Sensors Get the Lights Back on Faster, Popular Science


November 25, 2014
UK Embrace low Carbon Networks, Transmission & Distribution World

November 05, 2014
Demand Management to Aid Renewable Energy Expansion, Renewable  Energy World


October 24, 2014
Utility2Utility: DTE, Intelligent Utility

October 23 2014
Smart grid UK: Tollgrade works with Ofgem on distribution projects,

Tollgrade VP tells how UK project spurs innovation, Smart Grid Today


September 2014
Smart Grid Sensors, Well- positioned to Improve Reliability at Brazil’s Mega Utilities, Power grid International


August 22
A mighty Power Ranger, Washington Business Journal


July 15
Coming to the Motor City: A Smarter Grid, Navigant

July 10
Crumbling U.S. Grid Gets Jolt in Smart Houston Power SystemBloomberg

July 1
DTE Energy Gets More Analytical, Light Reading 


June 30
Listen to: Company Aims To Knock Out Power Outages In Metro Detroit, WDTE radio

June 27, 2014
Smart grid wins: It’s been a busy (and global) week for smart grid projects, Smart Grid News

June 25, 2014
Grid project could mean fewer outages, maybe even lower bills for DTE customers, Detroit Free Press

DTE purchases advanced sensors to help predict power outages, Crain’s Detroit Business

Crumbling U.S.Grid Gets Jolt Driving Smart Houston Power, Bloomberg

June 19, 2014
Utility2 Utility: Veridian Connections (Canada), Intelligent Utility

June, 2014
Fixing America’s High Speed Internet Addiction
, OSP magazine


April 23, 2014
Tollgrade launches smart grid sensor for voltage monitoring, PennEnergy

April, 2014
Improving safety with technology, Electricity Today

April 18, 2014
Tollgrade’s Super-Accurate, Self-Powered Grid Sensor, GreenTech Media

April 18, 2014
Smart grid wins: a first for Tollgrade, SmartGrid News

April 16, 2014
Tollgrade Communications Launches Battery-Free Smart Grid Sensor, Renew Grid

April 2014
Utility cellular communications come of age in the distribution network, Power Grid International

April 14, 2014
Canadian Utility Goes With Tollgrade’s Smart Grid Solution, Renew Grid


March 19, 2014
Tollgrade expands capabilities of in-home broadband testing tool, Fierce Telecom

March 18, 2014
Tollgrade Launches VBT Manager Software Application, Billing and OSS World


February 4, 2014
Manitoba Hydro Selects Platform to Monitor Substations, Transmission & Distribution World


January 31, 2014
Tollgrade adds GSM to Lighthouse for Latin America, Europe, Smart Grid Today

January 29, 2014
Tollgrade Launches New Substation Monitoring Application, Renew Grid

Couldn’t make this time? Read our dispatches from DistribuTech, SmartGrid News

January 28, 2014
Tollgrade’s LightHouse 4.0 platform first to offer Auto-Phase ID for smart grid, PennEnergy

Getting more out of the Smart Grid Sensor Network, GreenTech Media

January 23, 2014
Tollgrade MV smart grid sensors certified for Brazil, Smart Grid Today

January 24, 2014
My, what a busy time of year for smart grid, Smartgrid News

January 21, 2014
What can we really expect from distribution automation?, Smartgrid News


December 13, 2013
Predicting the Grid, Power Systems Design

December 11, 2013
The challenges and opportunities in the Smart Grid, Podcast, Power Systems Design

December 2013
See p44 - The Secret Weapon, Successful Testing for CLECs’ EoC Service Deployments, OSP magazine

Nov-Dec Issue, 2013
On the Tenth Anniversary of the 2003 Blackout: Are we Any Closer to Preventing Outages?, Electric Energy


October 30, 2013
Tollgrade launches”Virtual Broadband Technician” CPE
Tollgrade debuts VBT to diagnose broadband problemsBilling and OSS World

October 15, 2013
Improving the Grid with Cellular, Pipeline Technologies

October 8, 2013
Smart Grid Success Hinges on Realistic Expectations, ThomasNet News


September 27, 2013
Tollgrade Communications and ELO Sistemas Eletrônicos, Smart Grid News

September 24, 2013
Tollgrade pairs MV gear with meters from Brazil’s ELO, Smart Grid Today
Tollgrade Jumps Into Brazilian Smart Grid Market, GreenTech Media


August 2013
See p142 - Toronto Hydro leads by example, Energy Digital


July 9, 2013
Paultre on Power – smart-grid organization and oversight issues (Podcast), Power System Design


June 26, 2013
Tollgrade adds predictive grid analytics to LightHouse, SmartGridToday

June 26, 2013
Smart grid outage detection: moving from locating faults to predicting them, SmartGridNews

June 21, 2013
Tollgrade CEO appears on WSJ Live’s Money Beat to Discuss Smart Grid, WSJ

June 19,2013
Tollgrade Communications CEO, Ed Kennedy,  talks about grid sensor technology in Forbes magazine

June 6, 2013
Tollgrade Participates in GridWise Alliance’s Newly Released Report on Improving Electric Grid Reliability , GridWise Alliance


May 11, 2013
Obama-Companies Plan Topping $43.7 Billion in Brazilian Exports, Bloomberg


April 03, 2013
Smart Grid Sensor Showcase: Tollgrade Communications, GreenTech Media

April 03, 2013
Surges? Faults? Sags? 5 new products designed to help fix what ails your assets,  Smart Grid News


March 14, 2013
Cellular Sensors Support Asset Management, Big Data, Medium-Voltage Visibility, TD World

March 01, 2013
Edward Kennedy juggles new smart grid products and Tollgrade Communications’ core-line testing business, Smart Business Insight


February 19, 2013
Embedded M2M Solutions – Tollgrade Provides M2M Solutions for Utilities, Sprint M2M solution